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Lethargy, Leg cramps, and Insomnia

tired personJane Hendricks NMD

It’s summer in Phoenix, Arizona and it came on fast.  Most feel lethargic due to the heat and also most don’t sleep as well in the heat as they do when it’s cooler. Dehydration and its associated imbalances also interrupt sleep. This article gives some simple ideas you can use to increase energy and improve sleep.

1. More Cardio. This sounds counter intuitive, however more rigorous cardio will improve your sleep and increase overall energy. When it’s hot, more will power is needed to get to the gym to do it, but you will feel so much better when you do. Do rigorous cardio at least twice per week for 20 min in addition to two other days of your regular workout.

2. Stay Hydrated and add electrolytes. This is common sense for energy, but it will also help with leg cramps that become more common in the summer time. Make sure to include a good source of B-vitamins and a high dose of Magnesium Malate to help with the cramps. Patients also report the supplement CoQ10 helps with their leg cramps.

3. Watch less TV. TV watching brings on lethargy. Instead of watching TV, do other activities such as reading or puzzles that engage the mind.

4. Do errands at night or early in the morning. If at all possible avoid running around in the heat of the day. In Mexico, S. America, and Spain, the shops close in the middle of the day when it’s hot. Do your non-urgent errands when the sun is down or low in the sky to reserve your energy.

5. Eat high water content foods. These would be your fresh fruits and vegetables. Watermelon is especially a good source of hydration and electrolytes.