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23AndMe Analysis

23andMe gives you some basic information about your appearance and ancestry. However, there is a place to click to get the raw report. The software program I use interprets this data and tells you which pathways are not working properly. Deficient gene activity can lead to a myriad of chronic disease and symptoms such as anxiety, depression, GI disorders, neuromuscular disease, Lyme’s disease, muscular weakness, fatigue..etc. I will also take your symptoms and test the urine to see if there are toxins present to confirm that a certain pathway is not working. With these three inputs you may be put on a protocol of supplements custom made for your genetic pathways that are not working properly. The supplements will boost the pathways and clear the toxins.

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Genetic Nutrition and Analysis

methyl geneticDo you experience chronic symptoms, such as depression, anxiety, digestive disorders, or fatigue that persist? Have you been diagnosed with a chronic degenerative disease such as Parkinson’s or MS? We all have genes within our DNA that provide instructions to make certain enzymes. These enzymes are crucial in carrying out vital physiological functions such as breaking down toxins or making antioxidants such as Glutathione. If there is an error with a gene (SNP), then the enzyme it was instructed to make will be deficient or perhaps overactive. Depending on that enzyme’s job, that pathway will be faulty, leading to a myriad of downstream consequences.

For example, not having enough of an antioxidant such as Glutathione results in an increased risk for certain neurodegenerative diseases and cancer, not to mention a myriad of chronic symptoms.  This is due to the build up of certain toxins which are not being cleared appropriately. Another example is not having enough of the enzyme that makes Nitric Oxide will increase your risk for cardiovascular disease.

One can also see how well a patient absorbs their nutrients. Perhaps you eat a great diet and still feel tired all the time, or after meals. There are certain pathways that help you get energy from your food. If a particular digestive enzyme isn’t working, you may continually be deficient in that nutrient despite the fact that you eat foods high in that nutrient. One example is having dry skin, hair, etc..all the signs of having deficient good fats in the body, even though you supplement with fish oil, etc. This can be very discouraging to a patient, not to mention all the money spent to overcome a nutrient deficiency with minimal results.

There is a lab that tests your DNA for these SNPs. It is a simple salivary test that you order and send in to the lab. 23andme is a well known established lab that has been doing DNA testing for over a decade. In addition to the 23andme report, it is also recommended that you do a urine test to measure certain organic acids present in your urine. The presence of organic acids in the urine confirm that the faulty pathways found in the 23andme results are indeed expressing and causing consequences in the body (build up of certain toxins). This will confirm to the doctor doing the interpretation that the patient needs treatment to help correct the imbalance and scavenge the resulting toxins.

DNA mapping is becoming more widespread and is available directly to consumers. 23andme  used to interpret the results, however due to the extraordinary demand for their testing, they no longer provide clear interpretation.  Fortunately, now there is a company that provides a software program to licensed professionals that not only interprets the 23andme results, but also guides you to the right supplements, custom made for the genetic pathways that have errors. With these supplements you can now affect your risk for cardiovascular disease, certain neurodegenerative diseases, and cancer. You can influence the way you feel by getting the most out of your food and clearing the toxins from your system effectively.

It takes two months to get your 23andme results back, so take action now and order their kit at 23andme . While you wait for the results, you can schedule an initial consult with our office to complete a symptom survey and do the urine test which measures the organic acids in your system. With these three inputs, we will show you clear deficiencies in certain antioxidants and enzymes, and the resulting excess of certain toxins.  You would then start taking the specific supplements which help to correct these imbalances.

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