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Understanding Your 23andMe Results

 If you have already done the 23andme DNA test, you can download a raw data file that will give you so much more information than what the lab provides. This report will need to be interpreted by a software program that some practitioners have been trained on. Watch the video and read below to find out what kind of genetic information will be revealed by the program.

To get started, go to 23andme and order your DNA test kit. It is a salivary test that you will send back to the lab in their self addressed envelope. In about 3-4 weeks, you will get an email with your results. Contact us when you get this and I will tell you how to access the raw data report.

The raw data report analyzes the following 5 important pathways:

Clearance of ammonia, urea, and perioxynitrite.
Assimilation of fatty acids
Manufacturing and clearing of neurotransmitters
The processing of histamine
The amount of inflammation you have in your gut due to dysbiosis.

For your free 10 minute consultation, call 480-535-7868, email, or go to to schedule online. Phone consults with screen sharing is available once you get your report.