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MethylGenetic Nutrition: A Comprehensive Solution

methyl geneticFor the first time ever, methylGenetic Nutritional Analysis provides patients with detailed information on how your genes work at important functions such as detoxification, assimilation of nutrients, and the clearance of free radicals and inflammatory chemicals. It can even look at a patient’s neurotransmitters which is important in cases of anxiety, depression, or insomnia.

The DNA lab that is used is through 23andMe. Once you get your 23andMe results back you can access a raw data report that has all the detailed information on about 20 different pathways. It looks at how well the body detoxifies and clears harmful chemicals. It also looks at a number of cellular energy pathways. You can see how well you absorb fats and carbohydrates, and how your digestive system may be affected by certain chemicals. Just like any other part of the body, your genes are affected by nutrition. By compensating for genetic insufficiencies, one can improve the quality of life and prevent chronic degenerative disease. Targeted gene therapy is also great for anti-aging purposes.

To get started, access the raw data file within your 23andMe results and have it interpreted by a practitioner who has been trained on the methylgenetic nutritional software program. Once the report is analyzed, we will work together to come up with a prioritized protocol to start scavenging the dangerous inflammatory chemicals and increase cellular energy.

Feel free to schedule a 10 minute complimentary consultation to get your questions answered.