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Naturopathic Pain Management


Chronic pain is multi-factoral and should be treated as much. Naturopathic medicine is holistic in that the physicians take into account stress, lifestyle, diet and any other contributing factors that may be causing the pain.

Stress causes the release of inflammatory chemicals, while suppressing the immune system. Lowering your stress through meditation and gentle movement provides a release for excess nervous energy.  Once released, the stress will not result in increased inflammation. One’s diet may be pro-inflammatory so making adjustments could also be quite impactful. The pillow, sleeping positions, and the way you sit in a car or on a couch for prolonged periods of time will cause imbalances in the hips which contribute to low back and neck pain.

In addition to looking at the patient’s lifestyle habits, many modalities are available that do not have side effects. Steroid injections and opoids used in conventional pain management clinics do not address the cause, and come with severe consequences such as weaker joints and opoid addiction.

Naturopathic Treatments used in our office include:

Trigger point therapy: superficial injections with homeopathy to treat spasmodic muscles

Acupuncture with TDP lamp: Acupuncture with Infrared resets the nervous system and relaxes stiff muscles

Prolotherapy: A regenerative injection which is great for osteoarthritis and for stabilizing and strengthening joints. Formulas are injected into and around the joint to promote inflammation and repair of injured and weak ligaments and tendons.

Stem Cell Therapy: This regenerative injection contains stem cells to promote repair of thin and weak ligaments and tendons.

Gua Sha: brief targeted deep tissue massage with a Bian stone and Woodlock oil

Neuro/Myofascial Release: Assisted deep stretching to release impinged nerves, spasmodic muscles, and increase range of motion.

In office treatments along with appropriate lifestyle changes are incredibly effective for long term pain relief and healing of the affected tissues.





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