23andMe DNA Testing


23andMe DNA testing and interpretation

Many of us suffer from chronic underlying disorders and symptoms for which the cause is unknown. It could be anxiety, depression, chronic fatigue, autoimmune disease or digestive problems.  A lot of money and time is spent on doctor visits, supplements, and medications in trying to find the cause of the disorder. The cause could be that a genetic pathway is not working properly. Perhaps you are not clearing certain metabolic toxins from the system. Toxins are disruptors and increase the risk for chronic degenerative disease. Perhaps the pathway that makes GABA or Serotonin is deficient. This may result in depression, anxiety, or insomnia.

Until the cause is known, it cannot be treated. We offer genetic testing through 23andMe. We also interpret the lengthy raw data file that explores these pathways. Urine testing is available to confirm the presence of organic acids in your body. Through a special software program, a report is generated that tells you the patient what genetic pathways need urgent attention and which supplements will strengthen them.


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