23AndMe Analysis

23andMe gives you some basic information about your appearance and ancestry. However, there is a place to click to get the raw report. The software program I use interprets this data and tells you which pathways are not working properly. Deficient gene activity can lead to a myriad of chronic disease and symptoms such as anxiety, depression, GI disorders, neuromuscular disease, Lyme’s disease, muscular weakness, fatigue..etc. I will also take your symptoms and test the urine to see if there are toxins present to confirm that a certain pathway is not working. With these three inputs you may be put on a protocol of supplements custom made for your genetic pathways that are not working properly. The supplements will boost the pathways and clear the toxins.

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Genetic Nutrition and Analysis

methyl geneticDo you experience chronic symptoms, such as depression, anxiety, digestive disorders, or fatigue that persist? Have you been diagnosed with a chronic degenerative disease such as Parkinson’s or MS? We all have genes within our DNA that provide instructions to make certain enzymes. These enzymes are crucial in carrying out vital physiological functions such as breaking down toxins or making antioxidants such as Glutathione. If there is an error with a gene (SNP), then the enzyme it was instructed to make will be deficient or perhaps overactive. Depending on that enzyme’s job, that pathway will be faulty, leading to a myriad of downstream consequences.

For example, not having enough of an antioxidant such as Glutathione results in an increased risk for certain neurodegenerative diseases and cancer, not to mention a myriad of chronic symptoms.  This is due to the build up of certain toxins which are not being cleared appropriately. Another example is not having enough of the enzyme that makes Nitric Oxide will increase your risk for cardiovascular disease.

One can also see how well a patient absorbs their nutrients. Perhaps you eat a great diet and still feel tired all the time, or after meals. There are certain pathways that help you get energy from your food. If a particular digestive enzyme isn’t working, you may continually be deficient in that nutrient despite the fact that you eat foods high in that nutrient. One example is having dry skin, hair, etc..all the signs of having deficient good fats in the body, even though you supplement with fish oil, etc. This can be very discouraging to a patient, not to mention all the money spent to overcome a nutrient deficiency with minimal results.

There is a lab that tests your DNA for these SNPs. It is a simple salivary test that you order and send in to the lab. 23andme is a well known established lab that has been doing DNA testing for over a decade. In addition to the 23andme report, it is also recommended that you do a urine test to measure certain organic acids present in your urine. The presence of organic acids in the urine confirm that the faulty pathways found in the 23andme results are indeed expressing and causing consequences in the body (build up of certain toxins). This will confirm to the doctor doing the interpretation that the patient needs treatment to help correct the imbalance and scavenge the resulting toxins.

DNA mapping is becoming more widespread and is available directly to consumers. 23andme  used to interpret the results, however due to the extraordinary demand for their testing, they no longer provide clear interpretation.  Fortunately, now there is a company that provides a software program to licensed professionals that not only interprets the 23andme results, but also guides you to the right supplements, custom made for the genetic pathways that have errors. With these supplements you can now affect your risk for cardiovascular disease, certain neurodegenerative diseases, and cancer. You can influence the way you feel by getting the most out of your food and clearing the toxins from your system effectively.

It takes two months to get your 23andme results back, so take action now and order their kit at 23andme . While you wait for the results, you can schedule an initial consult with our office to complete a symptom survey and do the urine test which measures the organic acids in your system. With these three inputs, we will show you clear deficiencies in certain antioxidants and enzymes, and the resulting excess of certain toxins.  You would then start taking the specific supplements which help to correct these imbalances.

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23andMe Analysis

Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy and Naturopathic Medicine


chronic traumatic encephalopathy

As of December 2012, 33 former NFL football players had been diagnosed post mortem with Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE). In October, 2010 17 year old Nathan Stiles, a high school football player died hours after a final hit  at his high school homecoming game. This was on top of the many subconcussive blows endured previously. He was diagnosed with CTE making him the youngest reported CTE case.


CTE is caused by repetitive concussive blows to the head. This is common in boxing, football, and soccer. The symptoms of CTE occur years after the traumatic events. Auto-anitbodies enter the brain through the damaged blood brain barrier and cause inflammatory proteins to build up. The build up of Tau proteins in certain areas of the brain is the consistent hallmark finding in the post mortem brains of CTE sufferers. Unfortunately to date there is no way to diagnose this disease in a living brain.

Symptoms include:

Poor judgment
Bursts of anger

In addition to not being able to officially diagnose a living sufferer of the symptoms of CTE, there is no treatment. When suspected to have CTE, the patient is told to modify his activities and have a routine lifestyle. The medications used to treat the symptoms are your typical antidepressants and psychiatric medications. These of course come with their own physical and psychological side effects. The former players whose CTE symptoms caused their demise were on psychiatric meds for their long standing symptoms.

This is where naturopathic medicine has an advantage over conventional medicine. There are many options for those suspected to have CTE. Oxygen therapy and nutritional supplements can control the inflammation in the brain. Neurotransmitter therapy can replenish and balance out the friendly neurotransmitters such as GABA and serotonin to calm and stabilize the emotions. There are known nutritional supplements that have been used for years to heighten the brain’s function to allow for better focus and memory.

It is my hope that those who are suffering and confused as to why this is happening and what can be done, will know about naturopathic medicine and its many ways to improve the quality of life.

Jane Hendricks NMD

Scottsdale, AZ



Cholesterol and Statin Drugs

There have been trials done to prove that statins may protect against cancer, namely colorectal cancer.. However an article published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology sites errors in some of the trials. The cholesterol levels were measured in the patients 10 to over 30 years before the diagnoses of cancer. These patients might have had a lower risk of cancer mortality without having had taken the statins. Also in one trial, 75% of the patients had stopped taking the statin medication at the 2 year follow up. In contrast, statin use may increase the incidence of cancer.

In a study reported by Matsuzkai, 5 to 10mg of simvastatin was administered to over 47,000 patients. After 6 years, cancer mortality was higher in those patients who had cholesterol less than 160mg/dl compared to those patients who had normal to high cholesterol. Several cholesterol lowering drugs including statins have been found to be carcinogenic in rodents in doses that produce blood concentrations of the drugs similar to those achieved in treating patients.

Several studies have shown that patients treated with cancer have been treated with statins more frequently than the control group without cancer. Finally, a study done in 2013 showed that 10 years of statin use increased women’s risk of invasive ductal carcinoma by 83% and their risk of invasive lobular carcinoma by 97%.

Perhaps their adverse effect on cancer is not that statins are carcinogenic but that they lower LDL. Over a dozen research groups have documented that low density lipoproteins partake in the immune system by binding microorganisms. Because certain microorganisms have been implicated in the cause of cancer, especially colorectal, it is difficult to understand how lowering LDL could prevent cancer.

High cholesterol is easy to treat through much less invasive means. There are many supplements such as essential fatty acids and niacin that can help lower cholesterol along with a diet low in simple carbohydrates and animal protein. In the least, statins are hard on the liver so it’s better to try something that will not cause side effects or long term consequences.

1. Ravnskov M.D. Uffe (2015) Statins Do Not Protect Against Cancer, Quite The Opposite. Journal Of Clinical Oncology, Mar 1, 2015:812



Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis and Hypothyroidism, Symptoms and Treatments

Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, an autioimmune disease of the thyroid has been increasing over time and is still largely undiagnosed and undertreated. The reason for this is that most primary care physicians only test for TSH so they miss  a lot of pathologies when it comes to the thyroid gland, especially hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s. HYPERthyroidism is more easily detected through TSH and the patient’s symptoms are specific to hyperthyroidism.

Patients with an underactive thyroid (HYPOthyroidism) and Hashmoto’s have symptoms that are common for many other disease processes such as chronic fatigue syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Depression, Anxiety, obesity, etc. These patients get missed for the proper diagnoses and instead get treated for depression, told to lose weight, etc.

The thyroid gland produces T4 which is largely inactive. This hormone is transported to the nucleus of every cell in the body. Here it is converted to T3. This transportation process into the nucleus and the actual conversion to T3 depends on the presence of plenty of ATP (cellular energy), trace minerals, and Iodine. Most Americans have poor cellular energy and deficient trace minerals due to long standing malnourisment. It is no wonder that Hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s is on the rise. In addition, the presence of heavy metals creates an autoimmune process in the body which can lead to Hashimoto’s disease. (antibodies against the thyroid).

The symptoms of Hashimoto’s and Hypothyroidism (with or without normal blood work) include chronic fatigue, depression, anxiety, thinning hair, inability to lose weight, high cholesterol, low sex drive, irregular periods, joint and muscle aches. By looking at this list, one can see how Hashimoto’s and subclinical hypothyroidism get missed.

Typically the physician that regularly sees their patients test for TSH only and not the thyroid markers themselves which are T4 and T3. TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) is secreted by the pituitary gland when it detects low levels of T3 INSIDE THE HYPOTHALAMUS.  Therefore, when TSH is elevated the patient is low on thyroid hormone. However, just measuring TSH without T4 and T3 is an inaccurate measure for the rest of the body as the hypothalamus lacks a regulatory protein that is present everywhere else. Because this inhibitory protein is not there, the hypothalamus has higher levels of T3 than anywhere else in the body.  Therefore, patients who have under-active thyroid glands often have normal TSH and so the doctor does not prescribe thyroid hormone. The increasing amount of undiagnosed patients who deseperately need  T3 is attributed to ordering the wrong blood tests. These patients are commonly misdiagnosed with something else like depression and chronic fatigue and forced to live in mystery as to why the doctor’s treatment isn’t working and why their blood tests are “normal”.

When TSH levels are elevated on a blood test, the conventional treatment is Synthroid which is T4, the inactive hormone. Recall that the inactive T4 is converted to the active T3, and that this conversion is rate dependent on nutrients and cellular energy. Unfortunately, this conversion process is assumed to be perfect in all patients, therefore, even with the proper diagnosis of Hypothyroidism or Hashimoto’s the treatment is ineffective, and once again the patients question why the symptoms persist in spite of the prescribed treatment.

The answer to all of this is simple. Order a full thyroid panel and prescribe T3 more often than not for most patients.

Jane Hendricks NMD
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Hormone Testing and Prescribing

menopauseMenopause is a complex physiological process that all women must go through. Some cruise through it with minimal suffering and others struggle through it for years. Much of it has to do with genetics but also lifestyle. Once ovulation comes to an end, the adrenal glands pick up the hormone production that the ovaries once did. However, depending on the vitality of the adrenal glands, she may or may not be able to produce enough hormones which results in uncomfortable symptoms such as those listed here.

In addition to having deficient hormones, women in transition (peri-menopause) may not only experience hormone deficiency symptoms but also symptoms of estrogen excess. Blood tests simply look at a micro-second and have huge ranges to base the values on. This does not seem to be an accurate way to get a baseline on which to prescribe hormones. Also, excess estrogen causes weight gain and water retention, while the patient still experiences hot flashes and night sweats.

There are two reasons why a patient may have the symptoms of estrogen excess: 1. lack of progesterone, 2. poor estrogen metabolism. Conventional medicine acknowledges the first cause but not the 2nd one. So the treatment for this syndrome is to prescribe progesterone. However, alternative physicians also check for liver activity and address that cause since the patient may not in fact be low in progesterone.

Alternative MD’s and naturopathic physicians have long been using 24 hour urine tests to not only measure hormone levels but also the woman’s ability to metabolize estrogen. We have healing modalities that can affect estrogen metabolism through the liver so that the cause is addressed and not just the symptoms. It is important to asses the liver’s ability to methylate estrogen before prescribing this hormone. Estrogen has long been known to carry the risk of causing breast and uterine cancer. Those who do not metabolize estrogen efficiently, will be at increased risk for developing estrogen related cancer if prescribed this hormone. This does not mean that if she has a sluggish liver that she cannot qualify for estrogen replacement. As mentioned before, naturopathic physicians are trained on how to treat the liver with a wide range of modalities and it is in the best interest of any patient with a sluggish liver to get treated.

Hormone balance is a delicate and ever changing process in the peri-menopausal and menopausal patients and naturopathic physicians are well equipped to manage it with a wide variety of modalities.

Garden Of Health, llc
Jane Hendricks NMD
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Flu Season 2016. Prevention, Symptoms, and Treatments

fluFlu Season is here and it has come on hard and is fairly contagious. Once a person gets sick, it’s taking a week or two to shake and can even turn into pneumonia.  The best thing you can do is to prevent it in the first place.

Following are some prevention tips:

  • Exercise regularly to increase circulation and keep the body resilient
  • Stay hydrated with high nutrient fluids such as herbal teas, lemon water, and coconut oil in warm water.
  • Avoid using antibacterial soaps, as these destroy your friendly bacteria that protect your skin from invasion

The early symptoms of an immune system that is battling an invader are fatigue, decreased appetite, and increased mucus. It is imperative to recognize and act on these early on symptoms to avoid being down and out which will cost you money and time. Do not take decongestants that push the invader deeper inside. You will end up getting sick sooner or later if you have a decent immune system. If not, you are putting yourself at risk for a viral caused chronic degenerative disease later in life. ALLOW YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM TO WORK FOR YOU.

So If you’re tired, turn down social invites for a few days, skip your exercise routine for the day and increase your sleep to 10 hours per night. The increased sleep alone for one or two nights can facilitate the immune system enough to finish the job. In order to reserve vital energy, eat digestible foods such as fruits and vegetables and decrease hard to digest foods such as breads, meats, cheese etc. Digestion directly takes energy away from the immune system.  Fasting during the nights by avoiding supper is extremely helpful to the immune system. Juicing increases your nutrient load and eliminates the need for digestion , thereby granting more energy to the immune system. A great way to increase your nutrient load dramatically is to get a vitamin C IV. The IV contains up to 10,000 mg of vitamin C which your colon cannot tolerate. It also contains calcium and magnesium and is a great way to hydrate.

Hydrogen Peroxide IVs are very effective early on when you are just getting symptoms or when you are ill. The IV has antimicrobial properties due to its ability to highly oxygenate your blood. It’s safe and does not suppress the immune system in any way. If you are struggling to make the lifestyle adjustments in order to facilitate the immune system, I strongly recommend both the hydrogen peroxide IV’s and the Vitamin C IV’s.

Once you’ve become ill, or it’s coming on aggressively but still early on, take high doses of GoldenSeal and/or Echinacea. I feel that GoldenSeal is more powerful. Take these in liquid form in very high doses on an empty stomach. 3 dropper fulls 3x/day is a good start. These remedies are medicinal and meant to be used for short term. There are food grade herbs that one can eat daily to nourish the immune system to keep it strong. I  tell all my patients complement their grocery store diet with these herbal food formulas instead of isolated supplements.

Of course as you are ill, it is best to stay away from exercise except for gentle stretching at home. Get as much sleep as possible. This will continue throughout the entire time that you are down and up to 3 days after you feel better to give the immune system a chance to build up again. If you bounce back into your normal routine too quickly, you will get sick again.

As you can see there are lots of naturopathic options to prevent the flu and aid in healing so that you will not get sick again and may even skip next year’s flu season with your stronger immune system. By not suppressing acute illnesses, you are in fact building up a more powerful military to fight future invaders and even self created ones such as cancer cells.

For those that will not make the lifestyle adjustments necessary to facilitate the immune system, the Vitamin C IV’s and hydrogen peroxide IV’s provide lots of nutrients and oxygen to aid in healing and also build up the immune system. Of course in the long term, nothing can beat a clean diet and regular exercise.

Be Well!



Scleroderma is an autoimmune disease characterized by hardening of the tissues. The patient becomes very stiff and the skin hardens. Systemically, the digestive system, heart, and lungs may be affected. Conventional treatments suppress the immune system with steroids and chemotherapy.

My 29 year old patient was diagnosed in the fall of 2014.  The disease rapidly progressed to the point where his mobility was greatly reduced and he could barely climb the stairs.  When told he would need chemotherapy, he refused and decided to go the naturopathic route. He radically changed his diet to an anti-inflammatory based food plan with no gluten or dairy. He did a heavy metal detox and took high doses of omega fatty acids. In addition, he uses a non-psychotropic form of MMJ which relaxes his muscles. Daily stretching and light weight lifting has kept his mobility somewhat normal, although he still suffers from muscle weakness.

A year later, he lives a normal life keeping up with his regiment of supplementation, a whole food diet, mmj, and daily stretching.  This is a testament to the power of Naturopathic Medicine when it comes to immune system disorders.

Autoimmune disease is said to be caused by three factors: genetic, environmental, and viral. However, just because one carries the mutated HLA gene doesn’t mean he will manifest the disease. A virus or chronic exposure to heavy metals will be the inciting event that causes the cascade of inflammation and antibodies. In my patient’s case, it is thought to be exposure to solvents as he had been cleaning tile floors for over 10 years.

Unfortunately, conventional rheumatologists simply treat the symptoms and attempt to shut down the imbalanced immune system rather than digging deeper in order to treat the cause. Patients must search for real answers which lay outside of their insurance networks. However, once they find the practitioner who is willing to treat the viral or environmental causes, the immune system calms down and the horrific symptoms become minimal or completely go away.


Jane Hendricks NMD
Garden Of Health, LLC
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Scottsdale, AZ 85251

The post Scleroderma appeared first on Naturopathic Doctor For You Scottsdale, Arizona.

Source: Dr. Jane’s Blog

The post Scleroderma appeared first on Naturopathic Doctor For You Scottsdale, Arizona.

Source: Dr. Jane\’s Blog

Vacation and Detox

Dad and ITis the time to return from our summer vacations and rebalance our bodies. I myself just returned from Kansas..the land of midwest cooking. This is a picture of my dad. He has been vegetarian since the 1970’s and is currently 83 years old. He does not take any medications, exercises daily, meditates, and takes his naturopathic supplements. His mind is sharp and creative.

It truly matters what we eat most of the time. I say most, because we all take vacations and will get off track..I definitely do! On cruises that I’ve taken, and on this vacation, I ate and ate all that I wanted. Were there consequences? Sure! The need for more sleep, bloating, and less energy was immediate. I did work out a lot so that definitely helped with the recovery process upon coming home. I am now back to eating a mostly raw food diet and feeling great again. Following are some tips to help minimize the recovery process and also to facilitate detoxification when you get back.

1.  If at all feasible work out while on vacation. It doesn’t have to take a lot of time, simply do 20 minutes of RIGOROUS exercise. In other words, get your heart rate up and sweat. This facilitates detoxification WHILE you’re on vacation, increases stamina so you can do more, and lessens recovery time when you get back.

2. Keep the bowels moving. Constipation is common during travel and when you are eating irregularly. It’s important to stay regular while on vacation to keep from becoming incredibly toxic, which contributes to headaches, allergies, and fatigue. Drink lots of water and if necessary take a natural supplement to assist daily movements. Slim caps is a safe non-laxative supplement that is effective in moving the bowels via the liver. It also assists in fat breakdown within the colon.

3. Drink green tea daily. Starting each vacation day with a couple cups of green tea facilitates detoxification and will increase your overall energy while vacationing. It does not have the acidic effects that coffee does and is full of anti-oxidants. Calli tea is a great detoxifying green tea. I never go a morning without it, no matter what country I find myself in.

4. Sleep. Getting sufficient sleep while on vacation will decrease your recovery time when you get home. Your immune system will work better, your digestion will be more efficient, and sleep allows for natural detoxification processes to function.

5. Go raw and juice for a few days when you get home. A diet of fresh fruits and vegetables will saturate your body with living enzymes and micronutrients.  These valuable phytonutrients enhance detoxification and renew the immune system, thereby preventing illness which commonly happens after travel. You will feel years younger after being raw for just a few days.

For more information on Slim Caps and Calli tea, email  Happy Cleansing!

country road

The post Vacation and Detox appeared first on Naturopathic Doctor For You Scottsdale, Arizona.

Source: Dr. Jane’s Blog

The post Vacation and Detox appeared first on Naturopathic Doctor For You Scottsdale, Arizona.

Source: Dr. Jane\’s Blog