Flu Season is Upon Us

fluThe headlines in the news are stating this year’s flu is is hitting us hard and spreading rapidly.  Health experts say that this year’s flu vaccine doesn’t provide protection for H3N2, the strain that is currently making the rounds.

A healthy immune system is key to preventing and treating the flu virus. The great thing about the immune system is that when properly nourished, it can fight any strain of the flu and prevent you from getting it in the first place. If you do get it, a healthy immune system will defeat it in just a couple days so that you’re not down or missing work.

vit C iv

Eating lots of fresh fruits and veggies will create an alkaline environment and provide hydration which creates an unfavorable environment for the growth of unwanted microbes.

Vitamin C IV’s provide a readible source of concentrated nutrients that you couldn’t possibly get from your food. Acupuncture releases stagnation and provides free flowing Qi which strengthens the immune system and provides symptomatic relief.

At the first presentation of symptoms which is usually a sore throat begin eating pure and start taking high doses of antiviral herbs such as GoldenSeal. GoldenSeal is broad spectrum which is good since there are so many strains of the flu virus.

Finally, common sense measures such as not touching your face can play a huge part in preventing the spread.

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