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Scottsdale Acupuncture

acupunctureGarden Of Health, llc is offering Acupuncture at great prices in downtown Scottsdale, AZ. Acupuncture is great for musculoskeletal pain, depression, anxiety, insomnia, chronic, sinus infections, interstitial cystitis, and digestive disorders.  Acupuncture treats the nervous system which innervates all the organs and muscles. The nerves can have too much stagnation or there can be insufficient blood to serve the organ systems. Acupuncture removes the blockages and enlivens the nerves and the tissues they innervate. The session takes 20 minutes and the patient leaves feeling incredibly relaxed.

Packages are available that enables a patient to afford consistent treatments over a period of time. Acupuncture is also covered by some major insurance companies through reimbursement such as United Health Care and is also covered by HSA.

This ancient healing modality has now become mainstream and is utilized at Mayo clinic. Naturopathic physicians receive extensive training in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and are board certified to use this powerful modality.

For more information on how to get started call our office at 480-535-7868.