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What Patients Say:

  • "Dr. Hendricks helped me with my digestion and hormones. She also took over my thyroid treatment which has worked great as well!"

    C.T Scottsdale, AZ

  • "Since seeing Dr. Hendricks, my moods are so much better. She was really good with balancing my hormones and helping me with diet."

    A.F. Phoenix, AZ

  • I was 257 at my heaviest, right around the time I came for my first appointment with Dr Jane. I wore size "22 Wide" pants. I felt terrible, every day. Getting up was hard, sitting down was hard, my joints hurt so I couldn't exercise and I was on narcotic pain meds. focusing on the diet discussed with Dr Jane and I began losing weight immediately. No pills and no excercise and I was loosing weight. The weight loss was steady and consistent.  Eighteen months later, I reached my lowest weight of 135 lbs. I got off my pain meds and blood pressure meds.