Chronic Fatigue Alternative Treatments

What Causes Chronic Fatigue?

All of us have days when we feel more tired than usual. This is common and does not need treatment, except that we must listen to our bodies and rest. Reducing stress and getting more sleep will correct the temporary imbalance. However, there are over 200,000 new cases of chronic fatigue each year in which patients have experienced debilitating fatigue for over 6 months. There is not one confirmed cause but many ideas of what could cause chronic fatigue. Most patients diagnosed with chronic fatigue experience acccompanying symptoms of muscular pain and brain fog. There are 5 main causes of chronic fatigue:

  • Oxidative Stress
  • Toxicity
  • Malnutrition
  • Chronic fungal or viral Infection
  • Depression
  • Chronic disease such as Diabetes, heart disease, cancer, kidney failure

Alternative Treatments for Chronic Fatigue

When treating chronic fatigue we look at lifestye and potential underlying causes. Specialty testing is used to uncover the cause of chronic fatigue, so that once the cause is treated the symptoms disappear on their own.  For example, biohacking or functional genetic testing in patients shows us if there are compromised metabolic pathways that have made the cells vulnerable to oxidative stress, thus resulting in decreased cellular energy. By supplementing these pathways, cellular function improves.

If during the initial visit, it is suspected that you may have a chronic viral infection such as Epstein Barr Virus or a fungal infection from mycotoxins or candida, a test may be ordered to confirm the suspicion of the microbial presence. Chronic infections burden the immune system which result in chronic fatigue and inflammation. Once the infection is cleared the fatigue and pain go away.

Here at Naturopathic Clinic of Mesa we have the tools to reverse chronic disease such as Diabetes, Cardiovascular disease, autoimmune conditions, liver or kidney disease. Conventional medicine manages these conditions, whereas we give our patients the opportunity to reverse these conditions. NAD infusions, Stem cell infusions, ozone therapy, chelation therapy and lifestyle changes are some of the modalites we utilize in treating chronic fatigue and its causes. After a thorough exam and the appropriate testing is done, we can begin the therapy that will benefit you the most.

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