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Biohacking with Functional Genetic Testing

Biohacking is made possible with functional genetic testing that shows critical pathways responsible for immune function, detoxification, energy and state of mind.

Many of us suffer from chronic underlying disorders and symptoms for which the cause is unknown. It could be inflammation, anxiety, depression, chronic fatigue, autoimmune disease or digestive problems.  A lot of money and time is spent on doctor visits, supplements, and medications in treating the symptoms of pain, inflammation, sleep disorders, mood and digestion.

The cause of disease and symptoms is multifaceted. It could be environmental, genetic, psychosocial or a combination. The nutrigenetic software program we use helps us to see which metabolic pathways need support.  As a result of normal respiration and digestion, metabolic products are produced on a daily basis. Some of them are neutral and some may cause disease if not cleared out. A build up of toxins causes oxidative stress and disrupts a cell’s normal activity. Toxins are metabolic disruptors, decrease cellular energy, increase the risk for chronic degenerative disease and speed up the aging process. Now there is a tool to preemptively facilitate toxin removal and enhance metabolic pathways to prevent and treat disease and slow down the aging process.

What is Nutrigenetics?

Nutrigenetics is the application of nutrient therapy to affect the expression of genetic pathways that affect processes such as detoxification, digestion, neurotransmitter metabolism and immunity. Cutting edge functional genetic testing enables a practitioner to find deficienies in certain enzymes. With supplementation, these deficiencies can be treated by providing the needed raw materials to produce the missing enzymes.

What Does the DNA test involve?

Functional genetic testing is a great way to see if you are predisposed to developing a chronic disease such as cancer. It can also be used as an anti-aging tool to slow down the aging process which is the result of oxidative stress. We offer genetic testing through Nutrigenetic Research Institute.  Following an initial consult with the physician, the salivary DNA kit is sent directly to your home. The DNA software program utilitzes additional tools such as a symptom survey completed by the patient and results from other labs such as the OAT test (organic acid test). The findings from the  Great Plains Lab OAT test is used by the nutrigenetic software program to compile more data around the SNPs(single nucleotide polymorphism) to see if they are resulting in a buildup of unwanted metabolites. The presence of organic acids in your body gives us information about the level of chemicals, fungus and bacterial metabolites in your tissues.

The doctor will go over this report with you via screen share or in person and prioritize the areas that need attention first. It’s important to understand that since the cause and not the symptoms are being addressed that time is needed to ascertain the effectiveness of the prescribed supplements and dietary changes.  Once balance is achieved, you will notice decreased pain and a vast improvement in your quality of life.

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