Long Haul Covid Symptoms & Treatments

Long Haul Covid 

SARS Covid-19 has proven to be a different kind of infection for many. I have been treating Covid since the beginning and saw how the health, lifestyle, an epigenetic affected one’s experience with the virus. Even healthy individuals may have a tough tie with Covid due to epigenetics. Unfortunately, very few clinicians were aware of this and surprised when a healthy patient struggled with the illness. In addition to the epigenetic factors, how one addressed the beginning symptoms would determine the progression of Covid-19.

We have attempted to educate on the ways to mitigate a serious disease course through videos and social media, however very few have been reached compared to the mouthpieces of the CDC and media which offered no insight on risk factors, nor early treatment.

Now that the pandemic has ended, it is clear what didn’t work. Taking nsaids and steroids early on did not work. Unfortunately, this was the main treatment model by Urgent Cares and the few primary care dotors who were even willing to treat Covid. Taking Theraflu and other tylenol containing cold medicines were a very bad idea and led to a serious progression of Covid into the lungs.

What DID WORK was early immune activation therapy such as anti-microbial herbal formulas, H2O2 IV’s, Vitamin C IV’s, clean eating, and lots of fluids. Budesonide nebulized into the lungs helped with severe Covid and in keeping the patient at home on oxygen. Long Haul Covid occurs mostly in patients who were hospitalized since the immune system was completely ignored during treatment.

Long Haul Covid Symptoms

Long Haul is defined as having Covid like symptoms that continue for at least 3 months after the initial infection. We start treating when it has been a month. Common symptoms include fatigue, brain fog, tinnitus (ringing of the ears), vertigo, joint pain, head aches, cough, and low exercise tolerance due to feeling winded. The mRNA vaccines are also the cause of this chronic syndrome.

Symptoms caused by oxidative stress and inflammation are due to the genomic structure of Covid-19 which involves the spike protein. Spike protein enters the cells and disrupts mitochondrial function. The mitochondria are the energy factories of our cells and critically important to health and aging.

Treatments for Long Haul Covid

The goal of treatment is to detox the spike protein out of our tissues and clear the inflammation that was caused by it. Another goal is to calm down the immune system so that it is no longer over engaged. Conventional medicine simply manages the symptoms of inflammation with steroids and nsaids. The goal at Naturopathic Clinic of Mesa is to resolve the symptoms by clearing out the causative agent that is causing the immune system to work overtime leading to fatigue and immunodeficiency. Treatments include Immune Care infusions, Glutathione infusions, NAD+ injections, dietary guidance and specific supplements that target IL-6, an inflammatory enzyme.

How Do I get started?

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