NAD IV therapy

NAD+ in the brain

What is NAD+?

NAD IV therapy is gaining popularity due to its many benefits to health. NAD stands for Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide. This cofator is central to many metabolic pathways including those that affect detoxification, energy, sleep, oxidative stress, and the brain. NAD+ can be taken orally, but it is much better absorbed when infused or injected, so the therapeutic benefits are seen quickly and more powerfully.

Conditions Treated with NAD

Chronic Fatigue

NAD is used in metabolic pathways that release ATP used for cellular energy.  Cellular energy is often depleted by inflammation and oxidative stress. When patients are deficient in certain nutrients such as NAD+, they will experience chronic fatigue, brain fog, trouble sleeping, pre-mature aging and susceptibility to disease and infections. Patients who receive NAD+ infusions experience more mental clarity, increased stamina, and better sleep.

NAD+ the Immune System & Oxidative Stress

NAD is an essential component in the production of Sirtuins which are involved in the immune system and oxidative stress pathways. SIRT1 decreases tumor necrosis factor and IL-6, two known chemicals involved in chronic inflammation. Studies show that certain viral infections such as those seen in Covid SARS-2 have the risk of developing hyperinflammatory states in patients who are deficient in NAD. NAD declines with age and is consumed by chronic degenerative disease conditions due to the high level of oxidative stress in the body. NAD+ infusions will quickly increase the levels of this critical nutrient to bring about a full recovery from a viral infection. Infusing versus oral intake overcomes the challenges that many patients have when it comes to absorption of nutrients. Once the patient has sufficient levels of NAD+ and have fully recovered,it is recommended to obtain NAD+ from one’s diet and daily supplements.


Weight Loss

Improved metabolic function helps you to retain muscle and lose fat. In combination with a healthy diet and exercise, NAD infusions are a great addition to our weight loss program. By increasing cellular energy and decreasing oxidative stress, unwanted toxins are removed by the body. Detoxification is an important part of a healthy weight loss program.


As we age, we become more vulnerable to oxidative stress which damages DNA and decreases cellular energy. NAD+ is used in Sirtulin production which is key in protecting our cells from free radical damage.

Brain Health

Having sufficient cellular energy is vital to the health of our brains. Aging, oxidative stress, and malnutrition decreases cellular energy and makes us vulnerable to free radical damage. NAD+ is a vital component that increases cellular energy and improves detoxification.

Is NAD IV therapy safe?

Yes. NAD+ is a derivative of B3 which is natural to the body. We use saline as the base which is balanced with your own plasma and provides a superior form of hydration. Injections are also available. Two treatments per week are recommended for the first month to increase physiologial levels to have a clinical effect. One treatment per month is done for maintenance.

How Do I get started?

You would come in for an initial appointment with the doctor for a physical exam and medical history. Basic labs will be ordered before initiating therapy. If you have already seen your doctor and have had labs done within 6 months, you may bring those in with you at your initial appointment. For more information or to schedule, call 480-334-8278 or fill out our online form