Naturopathic Services in Tempe AZ

We offer a multitude of naturopathic modalities for Tempe residents and are conveniently located for your convenience. Naturopathic medicine focuses on finding and treating the cause. This may involve specialized testing for hormones, organic acids or genetic pathways that are compromised. By understanding the reason why you are experiencing symptoms we can address this together. Many chronic symptoms such as fatigue, skin outbreaks and allergies may be stemming from one culprit, for example mold toxicity. Unfortunately, conventional medicine does not generally look for or treat mold toxicity unless the symptoms are blatantly obvious and you are referred to a company to check for mold in your home. Even then, you are not given any guidance on how to eliminate the fungus from your body safely.

Some of our modalities include vitamin infusions, stem cell therapy, acupuncture and cupping, trigger point injections and lifestyle consultations. We do a wide range of testing which includes functional genetic testing, 24 hour hormone and organic acid testing and neurotransmitter testing.

Visits with a naturopath are much longer and more comprehensive than with your primary care. The medical history helps the doctor know which testing to order and guides on treatment choices. Fortunately in naturopathic medicine, there are so many modalities to choose from! This is critical to success in health as each patient is unique. Here we treat the patient, not the disease.

For more information about the different modalities we offer, go to our services page.